Monday, March 31, 2014

Update On Novels

Where Am I?

You can get your copy of FEARS OF DARKNESS by author J.M. Northup by ordering it through your local bookstore or purchasing it online. It’s available in both paperback and eBook from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!
First Edition. ISBN-13: 978-1494731663
Copyright © 2013 by J. M. Northup
All rights reserved.

My editor/proofreader is still working on this manuscript.  As soon as she finishes, I will do a final proof then get it released.  Please continue to watch for updates.

Prequel to Fears of Darkness
I am currently writing and developing this story.
I'm working diligently on this manuscript.  I am not sure when I will finish it or when you can expect it to be released yet.  I'm still in the early stages of writing.  All I know is that I have made FEARS OF DARKNESS into a series that will be known as

Sometimes It's Hard

What A Day

Some days I am really happy and excited.  I am content with my life and the person I am.
I don't judge myself harshly and I am pleased with all I have accomplished.
These are the days that I can fully see all my blessings and truly appreciate them!

Other days, are not so good.
They are times when I am grumpy, moody, and pessimistic.
These are the days when I feel the struggles and tribulations of my life; when I can't see the light in the darkness and honestly, I just don't even try to see it.

On my emotional days, I am never good enough or smart enough.
I cannot please myself and therefore, I'm unable to please anyone else.  Every effort requires such motivation and energy that it's easier to just avoid making an effort at all.
These are the days when I feel weak, forgotten, sad, and unwelcome.

It's normal to have these ups and downs.
Everybody has them even when we don't think they do or think that they couldn't possibly have it worse than we have it ourselves.
There are always times when a person feels lost, unaccepted, unappreciated, and just out of sorts.
That's okay!
No matter what kind of day you have, you get to start fresh tomorrow.
You have a chance to try again and to move forward.
The hardships help us to appreciate the joys.
The joys out-weigh the pains.

What a day today has been!  I cannot wait to see tomorrow!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Boyce Avenue - Briane (Official Song & Lyrics) on iTunes & Spotify

I am such a fan of Boyce Avenue!!!! I love their #music, originals and covers a like. More so, I love that they help to give chances to new artists and they produce for them.
This is my very favorite song by Boyce Avenue!
This is one of their originals!

My review of FROZEN

*Spoil Alert*

I just watched Disney's FROZEN and I loved it!
I was so happy to see a story where the girl isn't saved by a prince or knight in shining armor.
It was nice to see her save herself.
It was refreshing to see a movie that supported the amazing bond between sisters and women in general.  There was no jealousy and no bullying among sisters or females.
I loved the care the characters had for one another and their intense desire to protect each other.
Seeing the way they showed the variations of love was fantastic.
I loved that they showed the ideal of Lust with the "love at first sight".
They had examples of love of power and status in a couple different characters - Hans & the Duke.

The power of love in the realm of friendship.
This love was shown between Kristoff and Sven.  They had a lifelong commitment and love for one another.  They had a mutual respect and understanding of one another.
Another great example was evident with Olaf.
Olaf represented a loving time shared between sisters.  He showed a warm acceptance of all things.  He helped Anna to understand love and friendship.  Plus, the relationship between Sven and Olaf was just endearing.  As Sven tried to eat Olaf's nose the whole movie that played into the friendship they found together.  I just adored it!
One of my favorite examples of love was the love shared by sisters.
Elsa and Anna had an amazing bond and I thought it was represented in a sweet and real way.
Furthermore, their sisterly love showed the most blessed element of love; self-sacrifice.  That unconditional and unending love was the love that saved both the sisters!
That love was the magic!
I definitely recommend this movie for everyone.
It is a delightful show that's filled with humor and laughter, but it is also a good lesson to children and adults alike.  It will teach our kids that the choices you make for love can make the world a beautiful place for us all and it reminds adults what's really important!

I hope you rent FROZEN today!

Inner Peace

Facing Your Own Standards

Though we are not supposed to and we may not admit or realize it, we all judge.
We make judgments about people, places, things.  This judgment will help us to determine their value and how there place in our world.  Some judgment is benevolent and others are not.
Some judgments simply tell us that you like vanilla over chocolate or strawberry.
Other judgments dictate how you will treat someone or something.
One's emotional investment will affect one's judgement as much as one's standards.
How much you care for someone or something will determine their value.  Sometimes your initial opinion is altered as you develop an attachment or interest.  Sometimes you grow closer and therefore, you hold a higher regard for that person, place, or thing.  Sometimes, you find you aren't as pleased with them and they lose value.
Our standards are set on our own morals, values, and experiences in life.
That is why we all see things differently and why our feelings sometime change.  We are constantly changing, growing, and learning.  This process of growth can change our standards and therefore, alter our judgments on things.
Often, we have two sets of standards; standards for self and standards for others.
In my experience, we tend to be harder on ourselves than we are of others.  I think this is because we cannot change the other person; we only have control over our own behaviors.
Still, moods and attitudes are contagious, so how we behavior can impact the behavior of things around us.  This makes me think we have more responsibility in what we do and say.
I think this means that we need to be sure to have forgiveness and grace in life.
We need to find balance.
Try not to be quick to judge; yourself or others.
Forgive all things and show grace.  Be kind and loving to all the world.
Treat people the way you want to be treated and teach people to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.  You need to do for others - nature and animals alike - what you expect in return; respect, acceptance, and forgiveness.  You also need to let people know what your boundaries are so you don't develop and harbor resentment or hurt.
This is a good way to find your balance, but remember, you need to reflect these principals in your own life and towards your own self as well.  Inner peace and balance, self-love is how you open yourself to the world around you.  That is how you find your joy, keep it, and project it into our world!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Daughters' Gift

One Of My Birthday Gifts

This is a video my daughters made me for my last birthday!
I love it and I love them!

Each Day Is A New Beginning

The Good And The Bad

Some days are better than other days.
It's just how it is; life is like a roller coaster with ups and downs.
Most days, I easily accept this knowledge, content with my life.
Other days, I resent it because I feel sick or frustrated.

No one likes the trials or tribulations they face in life.  I am no exception to that, I tell you what.  Still, I understand the necessity of our challenges and struggles.  If we don't have these moments to test and teach us then we'll never grow or improve.
More so, we will never truly appreciate the blessings.
We need the darkness to appreciate not only the light, but the stars.
We need rainy days to appreciate the sunshine and to be blessed with fields of food for all inhabitants of our world.
When I feel angry, frustrated, sad, or resentful, I take a moment to remember that the difficult moments in life are not to punish me, but to develop me.

Life is about balance.
IT's about balance between good and bad (by whatever definition you use).
It's about the balance between nature and nurture.
It's a balance between animals (including the human animal) and nature.
It's about finding the balance between self and others, as well as, God and world.
Balance is truly the hardest thing line life to find and maintain.

Walk each day with kindness, showing compassion to all things.
Be forgiving to others and have grace so you can forgive yourself.
No one is perfect and we are all in this together.
Each day is a new beginning!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Big Bang Theory: Munmun the Mongoose

I Love The Big Bang Theory

Howard: The man impersonating a bear would like you to know that "Only you can prevent forest fires."
Raj: I don't get it.
Howard: You didn't have Smokey the Bear in India?
Raj: No. Was he anything like Munmun the Mongoose? He taught us not to play with cobras.
Howard: You had to be taught not to play with cobras?
Raj: You had to be taught not to burn down the forest?

Check out the YouTube video to see this scene from
 "The Itchy Brain Simulation" - Season 7, Episode 8

This is one of my favorites!!!

Common Courtesy

Where Have Our Manners Gone?

Have you every been in this situation?
  • You are walking down a street or in a store.
  • Stranger passes by you.
  • You smile and bid them good-day, salutations, or happy tidings.
  • The strangers either ignores you completely or looks at you like you're disgusting for speaking to them.
  • You feel horrible for showing kindness.
Why do people act like that?
Is it so hard to say "Hi" or just simply smile in response to a friendly gesture or greeting?
As the video below shows, even animals understand common courtesy.
There's no excuse for humans to be rude to one another.
What happened that we forgot simple kindness?
Where did our respect for life go?
It shouldn't matter if that life is human, animal, or nature; life is life.
All life is important and valuable; all life matters!

Do we really need to have a sign to tell us not to be cruel?
How bad do people have to be that even a zoo has to tell you not to bully the animals?
The whole concept disturbs me.
Do you really need a reminder in order to act appropriately?
Parents - you're an example to your children.  Act the way you want them to behave.
Furthermore, if your kids are misbehaving, give them consequences.
It is okay to punish bad behavior.
It's okay to say NO!

This world belongs to us all!
Teach your kids to be kind.
Teach your kids to respect all things accordingly.
Respect elders, be compassionate to the weak and less fortunate, value all life, and take care of our Earth.
We are all in this together so let's appreciate one another!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Excerpts, Kids, & Cats

Written by J.M. Northup

FEARS of DARKNESS by J.M. Northup is available now in paperback and eBook!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Heaven Sent

Excerpt from
A Novella of Poetry
written by J.M. Northup

A Novella of Poetry
eBook available now exclusively at Barnes & Noble


Excerpts from
written by J.M. Northup
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Available in both paperback and eBook!
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Sharing The Love

Authors and Pages To Check Out

As I have ventured to grow as a self published "indie" writer, I have come across some amazing Facebook pages and fellow writers/readers.
They have encouraged and supported me in my endeavors.
I have found their pages to be a source of laughter, companionship, and kindred-spirits!  They have made my journey easier.
I want to thank them,
especially because they have no idea how much they have helped me in my moments of doubt and isolation.

I cannot list all of the pages that I have come to love.
Still, I want to show love to a few more of the pages that have been so kind to me.  They have supported me and helped me to connect with other writers, readers, and editor/publishers.
Another writer I'd like to introduce you to is
Patricia Throckmorton, author of STICKS AND STONES
Patricia is a personal friend of mine and she is such a beautiful writer.
Her words are very inspirational and she is a blessing in my life.
Another Author I'd like to mention is Chantal Bellehumeur
She is about to release her new book, NOT ALONE
Check out the release event on Saturday, March 22, 2014

I wanted to be sure to highlight a non-book related Facebook page
that is one of my favorites:
~Whispers from the Soul~ is a wonderful page!
It is inspirational and moving.  It's the muse that every writer wants!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Excerpts & Cats

Excerpts From My Novel, FEARS OF DARKNESS

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Just To Make You Laugh

Sharing Things I Liked!

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In My Words

Get your copy of FEARS OF DARKNESS today!

Available now in both paperback and eBook!

I thought it would be cool to share some of the quotes from my debut novel,
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