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Monday, December 15, 2014

Books Make Great Gifts

What's On Your Holiday Gift List?

Did you know you can send eBooks as gifts?
All you need is someone's email address!

You can send the gift straight to the person or you can
send it to yourself to gift.
You can add a personal message to the recipient.
The receiver doesn't have to have a Kindle either!
There is a FREE KINDLE APP that can be downloaded for the person to read on 
the computer, iPad, smartphone!
You can print the confirmation and put a copy into a card
or use as a stocking stuffer!

Here are some book recommendations:

No matter what genre you prefer, Creativia has something for you!
From children's books to horror and everything in between,
find a book to delight your mind or the minds of those you love!
When you find a story you're interested in, just click on it and it will take you to the details about the book and direct links for purchasing it!

Don't forget to add books to your holiday shopping lists!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Children Today

A Book For Today's Young Readers

My new book is a collection of adventures told through the eyes of a cat, Boris and his sassy older sister, Olga.
Though it is entertaining, humorous, and enjoyable, it is also educational.

I wanted this book to challenge independent readers, encouraging them to look up words or additional information about various topics discussed in the book.  I also wanted it to create conversations between new readers and their parents.  Therefore, I didn't "dumb it down" in any fashion.  I wanted to keep it realistic despite its animal cast, honestly depicting life and trying to instill empathy into our youth.

I remember when my kids were little and how they'd obsess over books.  I wanted to have a book that would take children and teens on a journey, each chapter meant to be read one per night, while keeping in mind that many parents will be reading along with them.  I decided to write a book that would be appropriate for all ages.

The story explains how an orphaned kitten finds his way from the streets to the farm of his dreams.  It teaches about life on a dairy farm, explaining the process of milking cows, making hay, and about the animals you'd encounter in a farming community.
The tales explain about different relationships and personalities, teaching children to look at life from a new perspective; instilling empathy and understanding.

I had a large group of beta readers that included children between the ages of 5 through 15, as well as their parents (one being a teacher).  They were also located in various locations of the United States and Britain.  I wanted to have as diverse a group as possible to ensure I produced a quality piece of work for all my readers.  Thankfully, all of my beta readers - children and adults alike - gave me great feed back through out the writing process and they all reported to enjoy the stories.  The different children related to various stories, enjoying adventures that reflected aspects of their lives.

I hope  you will check out my new book
and share it with the readers in your life!

The real BORIS and OLGA

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014


To me, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to acknowledge all of the blessings in our lives.  Though I understand the history of the holiday, I am far from traditional.
I don't make the normal feast and half the time, we don't even celebrate on the actual holiday, due mostly to the coordination of so many schedules.  Still, this is one of my favorite times of year!


I have raised my children to understand that you ought to value your blessings EVERY DAY, but it is nice to have a special day where our family can come together.  When we do, it isn't about the food or locale; it's about being together.
That being said, I wish you and yours a day of community, acceptance, love, and laughter!

Thursday, November 20, 2014



Whether you are looking for a gift or a stocking stuffer,
I have the book for you!

A paperback is a perfect gift for the readers in your life.

An eBook purchase makes a terrific stocking stuffer!
If you purchase an eBook as a holiday gift, you can print the confirmation page and put it into a festive envelope to put into the recipient's stocking or add to their holiday card!
***eBooks can be purchased through Amazon using an email address.***

Here are some great book suggestions!



         J.M. Northup BOOKS      Alex Norris








Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet My Character - ISLA


This is an interview with the fictional protagonist from my
erotic romance and SciFi short story,
This is an entertaining way to introduce you to the main character while telling you more information about 
my new release,

1) What is your name? Where are you from?
My name is Isla and I am an Earthling.
2) When and where is your story set, Isla? 
It happens in my bed chambers during the witching hours (midnight to 3:00 AM), but it flows into the next day as well.
3) What should we know about you?  
Well, I thought I was just an ordinary young woman until this charismatic man appears in my bedroom.  He ignited passions in me I never knew before and tells me who I really I – who we all really are!  I learn that I am special despite my common ancestry with other humans and this changes my life forever!
4) What is your personal goal?  
To embrace the truth revealed to me and to try to fulfill my destiny!
5) What is the main conflict? What messes up your life?  
The main conflict is that I am drawn to this stranger, who someone isn’t a stranger at all.  I don’t want to give into the desires that I feel or the impulses he inspires.  This causes me terrible hardship, which was all for naught since I succumb in the end anyways.
6) Is there a working title for your story, and can we read more about it? 
Yes.  The title of my tale is EMERGENCE and it is a part of SOUL SEARCHING, a novella of poetry. It is available now through Amazon’s Kindle store.  It’s an exclusive eBook that is reasonably priced!
    Thank you, Isla.  I appreciate you sharing with us!

Want to read more Character Interviews?
Here are links to other author's participating in my

Just click on their name to be redirected to their interview posts

The Work-In-Progress Blog Tour

The Adventures of Boris and Olga

I was invited to take part in this Work-In-Progress Blog Tour
by my friend and colleague, Autumn Birt!
Autumn currently has her novel,
Available for FREE as an eBook at Amazon!

My current WIP is my middle grade collection of stories.
It is told from the perspective of Boris (a cat) and the adventures he has with his feline sister, Olga.  This book is not only entertaining, but educational. There are stories about milking cows, crop fields, migration, medicine, and so much more!   It is meant to help children to see life with new eyes, while making them laugh with funny cat antics!

There is a full cast of characters that include:
        • Charlie - the dog brother
        • Betsy and Ellie Mae - the dairy cows
        • Gus - the "nutty" squirrel
        • Charlotte - the cousin horse
        • Pearl - the "scared-y cat" neighbor
        • Zeke - the mallard duck
I like to challenge myself with new things.
I have a Young Adult series, A New Adult psychological thriller, and an erotic scifi short story romance included in a book of poems already published.
As my nephew is too young to read any of these,
he asked me to write a book that he could read as well.
Hence, my WIP!

I plan to have this project completed by the end of the month and released in October 2014 - just in time for you all to buy a copy for the children 6 to 13 years of age in your life for Christmas!

These are my nominations to carry the challenge onward: