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Does modern science hold the key, or does the truth lie in something supernatural? Heartbreak and hope encourage an unlikely romance while drawing out the darkness of unexpected enemies, intent on unknown malice.
Can the strength of their bond protect the friends from a fearful future?

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The Adventures of Boris and Olga

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's review
Jul 15, 2015

it was amazing

This is the first book in the series, but wasn’t actually written until after the second book Fears of Darkness was published. My biggest complaint about Fears of Darkness was how did the US fall apart so fast? I just couldn’t see it happening the way Northup implied. Other readers must’ve felt the same way, so she went back and added more background leading up to the second book. Now, it all makes sense.

In A Ripple of Fear, we get to meet Dakota’s mother and father and Rae’s family as well. We also get to see how Dakota and Chris’ relationship evolved to where they were the couple in book two. I feel such more connected with her and her family & friends, and now I know what anguish they were suffering at the start of book two. They had just literally seen their worlds fall apart.

Because of the more detailed background, this story starts slow, but believe me, it ends with a bang. About halfway through, the tension starts mounting and keeps on going. If I hadn’t already read the second book, I would’ve bought and read it right away.

The characters are just as developed and multidimensional , and the story is well-written. There are a lot of moral issues as well. Those neighbors that you talk to everyday, who you think are you friends. What will they really do in a national crisis? Will they turn against each other? I think Northup hit the nail on the head with her portrayal of the human psyche. All it takes is one or two loud-mouths to turn a crowd into a deadly mob.

If you enjoy YA and end-of-the-world tales, you’ll love this series, and I highly recommend it. I give it 5 feathers. Well done.


's review
Dec 09, 2014

it was amazing

I received this book a chapter at a time and my two daughters got right into it so much that they were constantly dying to find out what happened next and they stayed amazed at the life and story of their furry little friends so much so that we've now read it three times. I was just as sucked in as they were even though I'm an adult so I think it's a fun and great read for all ages. It didn't seem like a childish story and it wasn't all energetic like children's books usually are. Instead it was fun yes, but it was also sad and moving and even though they were indeed animals I could feel how they felt like I was there with them at times. Julie is an amazing author and I can't wait to see and read what she comes up with next :-)

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My Review of BLOOD FEVER!

Blood FeverBlood Fever by Simone Beaudelaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not Your Average Vampire Story!
Though this story was inspired by an actual New Orleans' legend, The Count St. Germain and Jacques Saint Germain, it is a fresh and original take on the old tale. It has all the twists and turns you'd expect from a good vampire story, but with an intelligent touch of An realism found in the form of science. An interesting fabric of truth and fiction is woven into a love story that spans ages.
I loved this book and definitely recommend it to romance readers, dark fiction lovers, vampire enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys the paranormal, legends, or myths. This author presents an intriguing take on the state of vampirism and the nature of the condition. She also executes a touching love story while creating a thrilling tale of lust, lies, and the basic human desire to be in control of one's own fate.
Great book! This is one I shall keep in my personal library and read again, and again!

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Past Lives by Chantal Bellehumeur

Book Spotlight

1)      What is the title of your book?
The title of my historical/paranormal book is Past Lives.
Ø  What is the story about?
·   The general story is about a woman discovering her past live through hypnotic sessions, and writing a memoir about them.  Each Chapter of the book is about a different life (or ghost life).
·   The starts off in the present as an introduction, then goes to the late 1400’s.  It slowly moves up in history (1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900) to return to the present.
·   In her first lift, the main character comes from a wealthy family and is in love with a peasant, which does not please her father.
·   In another life, she gets falsely accused of theft and gets imprisoned.  She wishes to get a fair trial, but…
·   She then gets adopted by poor farmers and comes face-to-face with a girl who looks identical to her, aside from the fact that she obviously comes from a higher class.  She is denied the request to spend time with this girl based on criminal allegations against her father.
·   She finds herself in an orphanage and ends up witnessing the hanging of a king after sneaking out with a friend.  While in the crowd, something bad happens.
·   She survives the black plague, and lives through the great fire of London.
·   After her father’s death, her sister and she were forced to work as servants.  Two men threatened to take their livers if they didn’t figure out a way to repay the high debt their father left behind.
·   She spent time in an asylum.
·   She lived the life of a pirate and had to face hard days at sea, as well as, battles…
·   She fought an illness as a girl.
·   She worked as a nanny while Jack the Ripper roamed the streets killing prostitutes, like her mother.
·   She lived in Canada, and discovered harsh winters.
Ø  Who is the main character?
·   The main character is a woman named, Sandra (her name changes in each past life).
2)     What inspired this tale?
Ø  How did the story come to you?
·   Although the main idea randomly came to me while I was on sick leave in the summer of 2016, most of the story was inspired by the memories of a trip I took to London, England back in 2007.
·   During my short stay in London, I visited the London Dungeon, which displayed the past horrors of the city, the Clink Prison Museum, located on the original site of the old prison, as well as, the Tour of London.  I also had the pleasure of seeing a Shakespearean play at the Glove Theatre.  It all came back to me in a flash, and I consulted my travel journal.
Ø  Did you have to research for this novel and if so, why?
·   I had to do A LOT of research for this novel, in order to include historical facts and public figures, etc.  I also had to portray the way people lived and dressed in each time period.
Ø  If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn and why?
·   I have always been fascinated with English history. 
·   Most of what I learned was not surprising to me.
3)     Do you relate to your character?
Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you personally?
ü   If yes, then how?
o   I, personally, believe in reincarnation, and sometimes have short recurring dreams in which I am living in a different time period.  I am curious about my possible past lives, but – unlike my character – I think I would be too afraid to do hypnotic sessions.
Ø  What made you write this character; were they based on a real person or something that inspired you?
·   The main character is fictional, although meant to appear real.  I wanted my short stories to feel like they actually happened.  Hence, why I used a lot of historical background.  They all follow each other perfectly; one character dies, another is reborn, or becomes a ghost and is reborn later.
ü   What should readers know about this character?
o   Sandra had many vivid dreams that felt so real.  When she woke up from them, she felt confused about her surroundings and wondered what was going on.
o   Sandra began to wonder if her dreams (more like nightmares most of the time) were memories of past lives.
o   Sandra consulted a psychology professor who recommended she try being hypnotized.  She didn’t like the idea at first, but eventually curiosity got the best of her.
o   During her recorded hypnosis session, Sandra learned of twelve different past lives, as well as three ghost lives, between the late 1400’s and late 1900’s.  She lived in England for the most part, but eventually, her soul was reincarnated in Canada.
o   Sandra typed up notes while listening to the recordings of her sessions.
o   This book is Sandra’s memoir of the past lives her hypnosis sessions helped her recover.
ü   Why is this character important to you?
o   She helped me create fictional stories while also providing many historical facts.  I feel like readers will enjoy the general story, but also learn a lot.
Ø  Do you consider the main character of your story to be good or bad, and why?
·   I consider my main character to be good.
Ø  What’s the objective of your character?
·   To discover potential past lives.
4)    Is there anything you specific want readers to know about this piece of work?
The book reads like a memoir, but it’s a work of fiction.
Ø  Is there a particular idea or morale you are trying to convey?
·   Yes, I was trying to convey a particular idea.
ü   If yes, then what and why?
o   Reincarnation may be possible.
5)     Is this novel a standalone?
This novel is indeed a standalone.
Ø  If it is a part of a series, what’s the series name?
·   No, this book is not part of a series.
6)    Where can readers connect with you and purchase your book?

Readers can connect with me on my Facebook author page, and they can purchase the historical/paranormal book on Amazon.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Chantal Bellehumeur's Character, LORENA!


1.      Who are you?
o   What is your name?
·   My name is Lorena.
o   Are you a fictional or historical character?
·   I am a fictional character.
o   What should we know about you?
·   When I was twelve years old, I witnessed m parents getting murdered.  I was hiding in a secret room within my cabin in the woods at the time.
·   Before getting killed, my mother gave me a necklace with a white gem hanging from it.  She told me to keep it safe.  I later found out how precious it was.
·   Shortly after my parents’ death, I got kidnapped and soon discovered some family secrets along with a prophecy that involved the destruction of the queen by an army of dragons.  I was more or less forced to help ensure that the prophecy would not come true.
·   I grew up living in a castle like a princess, seeking revenge for my parents’ murder, but not knowing whom to trust.
·   During my stay in the castle, I learned magic.  I also found a way to secretly explore on my own at night, using secret passages, and discovered many interesting things that helped me in my quest.
·   I have a love interest.
2.      Tell us about your story:
o   When and where is your tale set?
·   My tale is set in a fictional land.
o   What is your personal goal?  I mean, what do you ultimately want?
·   I mainly seek revenge against the person responsible for my parents’ deaths.  I also seek the truth about tragic events that happened in the past along with proof to set the record straight.
o   What is standing in your way?  What conflict(s) do you face?
·   At first, I am not sure who my real enemy is.
·   I don’t know whom to trust, including the woman raising me, my lady in waiting, other servants, teachers…
·   I am confined to the castle walls and am constantly being watched.
·   My enemy turns out to be a very powerful sorceress who has no issues using black magic.
3.      How do I get a copy of your book?
o   What is the title or working title for this piece?
·   The title of the fantasy book is THE PROPHECY.
o   Is it available now or when can we expect to see it released?

·   The book was released in April 2017 and can be purchased on Amazon.

Doug Lamoreux's New Release RED HERRINGS CAN'T SWIM!

WIPs and New Releases
1)      Tell us about your New Release…
Ø  What is the story about?
·   Red Herrings Can’t Swim’ (A Nod Blake Mystery).
·  It’s about crazy murder, an engaging detective, an inventive killer, and lots and lots of plot twists. My detective, owing to a series of head injuries (which force him to receive random psychic flashes) and a well-meaning secretary (who’s always getting him into trouble), must solve a group of murders to prevent being arrested for committing them.
Ø  Who is the main character?
·  Nod Blake, the last gumshoe, a dinosaur of a detective (with the street savvy of Humphrey Bogart, the toughness of Lee Marvin, the wit of Oscar Wilde, and the luck of Lou Costello) who never got the memo he was extinct.
2)     What inspired this tale?
Ø  How did the story come to you?
·  It is the first sequel to my Amazon #1 best seller (in both Supernatural Mystery and Hard-boiled Mystery categories) ‘Corpses Say the Darndest Things’.
Ø  Did you have to research for this novel and if so, why?
·  Of course, the novel takes place in 1979 and much of the story is situated in and around a circus performing on Navy Pier in Chicago at that time. Lots of research to get that background and setting accurate.
Ø  If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn and why?
·  I love information and trivia, so all research – to me – is sauce for the goose. The history of the circus is fascinating. The history of Navy Pier as well. Today, Navy Pier is the mid-west’s #1 tourist destination. For most of the last century, it was a white elephant for which the city of Chicago struggled to find a use.
3)     Do you relate to your character?
Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you personally?
·  Always a yes and no answer.
Ø  If yes, then how?
·  Like me, he faces adversity with a bent sense of humor and takes (or leaves) people as they come.
Ø  If no, how do you differ from one another?
·  Blake admits to a soft spot for folks who are down and out. I never admit to anything.
Ø  What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?
·  Blake was originally created at the request of a director friend – as a film detective in a straight murder mystery. The film was never made.
·  I completely rewrote Blake as a novel (unpublished); still as a straight detective.
·  When horror writer and friend, Carole Gill, asked if the book was supernatural, I got a fresh idea and rewrote the character and book again. Suddenly the luckless Blake was getting psychic flashes and victims were begging him to solve their murders. He did so, with a 40’s film noire style (despite it being 1979) and a lot of wit, and the grisly and hilarious ‘Corpses Say the Darndest Things’ was born.
·  The new story came about because, thank goodness, Blake found an audience (fans!) who enjoyed the first roller coaster ride and asked to go again. Sequel required!
4)      Is there anything you specific want readers to know about this piece of work?
Blake is back! If you enjoyed ‘Corpses...’ you’ll love ‘Red Herrings Can’t Swim’. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments as my has-been detective struggles to catch a new crazed killer and save his own bacon. (Warning: Murder and Adult Language)
If you haven’t read ‘Corpses...’ you will still, absolutely, enjoy the ride! (But read ‘Corpses’, for heaven’s sake, I’m destitute!!)
5)      When will the novel be available for purchase?
As they say in the biz… Soon to be published. Coming soon.
Ø  Has the book already been published?
·  It’s in the publisher’s (and designers’) talented hands as we speak!
Ø  If not, when is the approximate release date?
·  Best guess, within the next two months, mid-June 2017.
·  Until it arrives, have posted the link for the first book in the series below.
Ø  Corpses Say the Darndest Things is available in both English and Spanish editions!

 click on photo to be redirected to Amazon