Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review of Series by Sahara Foley

Excalibur Saga

The Secret of ExcaliburThe Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Exciting and Adventurous Read!

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but it definitely exceeded my hopes! The story was interesting and kept driving forward. The tale was intelligent and fascinating, putting a new spin on an old legend. I applaud the author - well done!
I was constantly surprised by the intriguing storyline. At first, I didn't much care for the arrogant Arthur Merlin, but by the end, I adored him. I thought Ruth and Daisy were admirable equals to Arthur and I liked the characters very much. I found I wanted to know more about them and I hope there's a sequel in the works!
I definitely recommend this novel to all readers. There are moments of steamy romance and hilarious banter mixed with a spectrum of emotions, action, mystery, and suspense. The author did a beautiful job of blending old lore with modern concepts that opened a universe of possibilities! I loved it!

The Revenge of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #2)The Revenge of Excalibur by Sahara Foley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A delightful spin to an old tale!

What a fun series! It was nice to catch up with the characters I'd met in book one, and to meet new ones! I don't have one particular character that spoke to me most, but rather, I enjoyed the contrast in personalities.
My favorite part was the aliens and their worlds. I thought the author did a fantastic job with her descriptions and I was certainly intrigued by her vision of extraterrestrial life. I thought the way she presented thoughts, telepathy, visions, and speech was helpful in my understanding of the events and conversations as well as identifying what communication was being utilized.
Well done sci-fi. It's an interesting take on an old story, reinventing it to a fresh and modern adventure.

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My Book Review of Christmas Treasure

A Holiday Romance

Christmas TreasureChristmas Treasure by Lorrie Farrelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A quick and cute read that'll make you smile!

If you like western cowboy tales or stories about the post-civil war era, this book is sure to please. It is a sweet telling of loss, hope, and love during a Christmas holiday in a wounded nation. It has hints of the mending of America from civil war, presenting opposing views trying to reconcile in order to move forward, but in the guise of romance and family healing.
A heartwarming narrative to brighten your afternoon!

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My Book Review of The Snail Who Forgot The Mail


The Snail Who Forgot The MailThe Snail Who Forgot The Mail by Sigal Adler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book for kids!

The artwork is colorful and fun. The story is cute with a good moral. It is cool that the tale is told in rhyme; it not only adds to the entertainment of the story, but it will help kids appreciate poetry. Well done!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

My Review of Maroboodus

A Historical Fiction Piece by Alaric Longward

My readers all know that I am a historical fiction fan with a love for Vikings.
This book was right up my alley!
There is a moment in the story that upset me and made me cry.
Leave a comment with your guess as to what scene it was!

MaroboodusMaroboodus by Alaric Longward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love the Vikings, this books for you!

What a riveting tale! This work of historical fiction has adventure, angst, betrayal, and love. There's hope in the midst of pain, and heartbreak before healing. The author tells the story as though it's a memoir filled with adventure and battles. The plot is clever as well as unpredictable.
I really liked the flaws of the protagonist, Maroboodus. Even though you're "in his head",you aren't always clear if he's acting with good intentions or just a violently defiant scallywag. No matter; he's believable and human. He's a complex character whom I enjoyed reading.
I adored Saxa and Ceadda, and liked Njord. Hulderic was honorable, and I understood him as much as Maroboodus's love for him. Agin was someone I really appreciated, especially when it came to his sister, Saxa.
The cast of characters was well written and developed. The religious depictions accurate. It's easy to see how the Svea and Goths were earlier versions of the Vikings to come.

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My Review of C.J. Rutherford's Tales of the Neverwar Series

The Prequel and Book One

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Origins of the Never: A prequel to The Tales of the Neverwar series, with dragons, elves and faeries.Origins of the Never: A prequel to The Tales of the Neverwar series, with dragons, elves and faeries. by C.J. Rutherford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderful introduction

I'm excited to continue this story of magical creatures engaged in the ultimate battle of good versus bad. As darkness fights to corrupt the world, it finds its evil champion in Tenybris. However, he's met with the equally passionate forces of light, led by his brother, Olume. As they clash for power, the balance is thrown off and chaos ensues, but to what end? Who will rule the universe? Start your journey in this, the end of the beginning!!

Souls of the Never (Tales of the Neverwar, #1)Souls of the Never by C.J. Rutherford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an enchanting story!
I was really impressed with the way the author structured this book. At first, I questioned why the writer was jumping to and fro in time, but it all became clear in the end... or should I say beginning? This is only one in the series! I have read the prequel and I look forward to continuing on with this book series and author. I found their style to be interesting and captivating.
Anyone who loves fantasy, fairies, magic, or mystery will enjoy this book. It has romance, heartbreak, and humor. It is well rounded and enjoyable!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Minnesota Nurses Strike for Fair Treatment

I am incredibly proud of my older sister.  She has dedicated her life to the healthcare profession, working as a registered nurse in an emergency department.
Working long days consisting of twelve hours or more for weeks at a time, she works holidays, weekends, and various shifts.  Often short staffed, she not only picks up shifts to ensure patients have the care they deserve and pay for, she usually sacrifices her own time, to include meals and bathroom breaks.
Despite these conditions, she remains loyal to her patients, healthcare professionals, and hospital.
Now, the staffing issues concern me greatly.  See, not only are the nurses under-staffed, but so is the security staff.
With the assault on healthcare workers on the rise, I fear for my sister.  I have known of times when she was assaulted while working and it breaks my heart.  The nursing and security crew are wonderful, helping each other, but they are limited in what they can do, so injuries occur.  As you would assume, this leads to the staff becoming patients, at least until they are evaluated and cleared to return to work.
I am guessing this is what caused Allina to complain, saying that nurses often use emergency care instead of seeking treatment from their primary doctors.
Of course, the kicker is that when 4,800 nurses in the Twin Cities Metro Area, who worked for Allina, went on strike June 9, 2016, Allina replaced them with 1,500 nurses and closed units.  They also neglected to ensure all the replacements were qualified and properly licensed.
Adding insult to injury, they also beefed up the security staff... you know, in case the nurses gave them a problem (*snort*).
Really?  WTF?!
Allina wants them to get rid of their union plans for their inferior insurance.  Oh, and Allina won't discuss the staffing and safety concerns until the nurses agree to cut their plans for the proposed high-deductible ones they force their employees to accept.
The union insurances have been bargained for over the years, with nurses passing up raises in order to keep their healthcare plans.
Then again, so is safe work environments, which I thought businesses were required to provide.  Huh.
I have added links for you to read more about what is happening.  Of course, if you want to get involved, the best way I can suggest is to donate.  There are a lot of single parents who can't afford to be on strike.
Why are they then?
The answer is simple - it is the right thing to do!
Whatever comes out of this fight will be the new norm and all other hospitals will soon follow the example set.
If we allow Allina to be unfair to our nurses, then we will see this become the standard across the board.