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Book Spotlight

1)    What is the title of your book?
BrokenHeart Attack, the 2nd book in the Braxton Campus Mysteries series
Ø  What is the story about?
·   Kellan Ayrwick is a professor at a small college in Pennsylvania, but he solves murders in his free time. In this caper, one of Kellan’s nana’s friends gives him an extra ticket to the college’s performance of King Lear. Unfortunately, she dies of an apparent heart attack during the intermission. Her sister-in-law begs Kellan to find out which member of the Paddington family killed her because she’s certain there was foul play.
·   Kellan digs into the personal lives of the victim’s siblings, three children, countless grandchildren, and estate staff. Along the path, Kellan learns how cruel some members of the family have been, but he also discovers a variety of motives that few knew anything about. The Paddingtons have lots they need to explain to the rest of the town.
·   In Kellan’s own personal life, he’s raising his six-year-old daughter by himself, trying to find out what happened to his supposedly deceased wife, helping his nana win the mayoral race, and figuring out what craziness is exploding within his family and with his new boss at the college.
Ø  Who is the main character?
·   Kellan Ayrwick. 32. Single-father. Widowed. Professor of film & communications. Former director on a Hollywood reality TV show. Searching for love. Sarcastic and fun-loving. Takes a lot of grief from his family, boss, and friends. A true modern hero for us all. He’s brilliant but acts goofy. He’s handsome but shy and distant.
2)   What inspired this tale?
Ø  How did the story come to you?
·   I’m an only-child but enjoy writing about large families. I wish I worked on a college campus as a professor. I would love to solve murders and delve into everyone’s business, but I’m too shy. I threw together a character who is half me and half who I want to be, then tossed a whole bunch of trouble at him.
Ø  Did you have to research for this novel, and if so, why?
·   Not for the basics. The setting is fictional but based on various places I’ve been to.
·   For each murder and backstory, I’ve done some research. In this book, I worked with a medical specialist to understand symptoms of a heart attack and what would happen if another person tried to purposely cause one using drugs.
·   In my next book, Flower Power Trip, I researched how to create a lab explosion that could kill someone.
Ø  If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn, and why?
·   I now know how to kill someone without it being too obvious. I kinda wish I didn’t anymore as that’s not a power I want to hold.
Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you, personally?
·   Kellan’s the middle child of five, but I’m an only-child. He’s blond, yet I’m not. He’s a professor and knows all about films, I rarely catch movies. We’re pretty different, except of course, in personality.
·   I can be sarcastic and witty, which I’ve bundled up in his personality. I’m also very detail-oriented and like to solve puzzles, so we’re similar on some levels.

Ø  What made you write this character; were they based on a real person or something that inspired you?
·   I think he’s who I wish I could be on many levels!
ü   What should readers know about this character?
o   He’s quiet and reserved at times, but he’s also very aware of what happens around him. He just doesn’t like to show it.
ü   Why is this character important to you?
o   He is who people should strive to be: kind, good-hearted, generous, caring, funny, intelligent, approachable, and genuine. When someone dislikes him, it makes me wonder why and begin to distrust them.
Ø  Do you consider the main character of your story to be good or bad, and why?
·   Definitely good. There’s not a mean bone in his body!
·   All he wants to do is the right thing for everyone involved. He can be pushy and trade barbs with someone who’s insulting him but only to defend himself. He will never be the one to start the fight.
Ø  What’s the objective of your character?
·   To raise a wonderful daughter, mentor younger people, ensure the good outweighs the bad, and provide justice wherever necessary.
4)   Is there anything you specifically want readers to know about this piece of work?
Yes, Broken Heart Attack introduces readers to the world of the Paddington family. They are often mean and hurtful, but some have a sensitive side. The children are a product of how they were raised. Environments hurt people, so many of these characters come across spiteful and aggressive. BUT, they are on a journey, so in future books, you’ll see the softer side as Kellan’s influence helps shape them and change them.
Ø  Is there a particular idea or morale you are trying to convey?
·   Not really, it’s more about seeing different types of families. Some are good, some aren’t. The Paddingtons make the Ayrwicks look like lovable and cuddly people who never do anything wrong.
5)   Is this novel a standalone?
Ø  If it is a part of a series, what’s the series name?
Ø  If it is the first in a series, when can we expect to see the next book published?
·   Book 2, Broken HeartAttack, is out now.
·   Book 3, Flower Power Trip, comes out on March 30th.
·   Book 4 will be released in the summer of 2019. I’ll drop the name of the title in April for everyone to see what it’s all about!
Ø  If it is a part of a book series, can it be read as a standalone or do you need to read the entire series to experience the full realm of the tale?
·   Each mystery can be read stand-alone, but Kellan’s personal life changes over the course of the books, especially his relationship with his wife and family.
·   I'd suggest reading them in order, so that you get the full shock and awe of the cliffhangers and surprises I’ve built throughout the series.
6)   Where can readers connect with you and purchase your book?
My website will always have the most current information about the books. It is From there, it will link you to the books on Goodreads and Amazon for reviews and purchase.

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My Review of KARRIN: Warrior Woman

KARRIN: Warrior Woman (Excalibur Saga Book 4)KARRIN: Warrior Woman by Sahara Foley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*The Perfect Conclusion*

This is my favorite book of the Excalibur Saga book series. I think this book did exactly what it was supposed to to - give an exciting and memorable ending to the saga. The series did was it was meant to - it got better as you grew with it (though each book is amazing as a standalone read, they create such a fantastic world together).

Arthur was never my favorite character, but I like Ruth. I love Pamela and Excalibur, so it was really fun having them back. Karrin started out quite difficult to read, but turned into a great tale that led to my favorite couple, Karrin and her beloved (I won't tell you who, or it might spoil the book for you).

If you love action adventures, sci-fi, alien intrigue, and a splash of romance, then I definitely recommend this book and series to you. It was a refreshing take on an old legend that moved into not only other galaxies but other dimensions, as well!

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Connect with ANN HARRISON

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           AUTHOR                   ELECTRIC ECLECTIC


Stories Outside the Box: An Electric Eclectic 

Book Written by Ann Harrison

A little book filled with magic, ferries, music, an angel or two, and even a bit of mystery.

Fly away on the wings of a simple drop of rain with Anna as she follows the music that fills her heart.

Have you ever had a breakdown in the middle of the road and wondered how you'd get home? Read about the miraculous end to what could have been a perilous journey for Bill and his family.

Mystery buffs and techno geeks will love An Unusual Glitch, a story about a county wide technology glitch that threatens to ruin the county's computer infrastructure, if the problem isn't resolved before it's too late.  Enjoy a couple of new mysteries along the way.

You may be enchanted by a Christmas miracle that starts with a child's prayer and a tinkling bell.

Ride in a sleigh carried on the wings of a snowflake, ride the wind on the wings of an autumn leaf or fly away on a swing!

There's an adventure waiting for readers of all ages in each delightful little story.

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Karen J Mossman's - FOUND!

Eight years ago, after a series of family arguments, Mandy walked out and disappeared. For her family, it was devastating.

Changing her name to Amanda and moving to a different part of the country, she begins a new life working in a hotel.  One evening, a programme about missing people comes on the television. Her face fills the TV screen.

Everything Mandy had tried to forget returns with new clarity. Seeing the special bond families visiting her hotel have, she realises there is a hole in her heart where hers should be. 

Will she have the courage to face the past and realise the misunderstanding was caused by her family’s unique situation?

Found! is a story of courage and hope and a bond that never breaks.


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AMAZON Bestsellers as of March 9, 2019

Look No Further!

Young Adult        Elemental Magic          Arthurian   

Amazon Charts#10 this week              #3 this week                     #1 this week                    
     #1 Best Sellerin Historical Fiction        Military Romance                             

Weldon Shaw's Evil Rides With The Wind 1 & 2

WIPs and New Releases

1)    Tell us about your work-in-progress, or WIP, as it’s known as in the industry or New Release…
Ø  What is the story about?
·  Evil Rides With The Wind 1 & 2 is a western paranormal two novel series.
·  The story takes place in the 1800s, and it is about the hardships a priest, named Father McCray, went through to regain his lost soul.
·  Father McCray signed a contract with the devil and in exchange, Lucifer stopped the raping and murdering of the people of his small town by the Smith outlaw gang. Evil Rides With The Wind is about the journey McCray undertook and the daily battles he had to fight with the outlaws he was seeking as well as the struggles he had to fight within himself.  
Ø  Who is the main character?
2)   What inspired this tale?
Ø  How did the story come to you?
·  I liked role Peter Fonda's played in the Ghost Rider movies, so I thought I would create what I felt his role would be in the old west setting.
Ø  Did you have to research for this novel, and if so, why?
·  In Evil Rides With The Wind 2, I did do a little research because in Evil 2, Father McCray is fighting some of Lucifer's strongest demons that had gone rogue. I used the names given to demons by people from the past, and I tried to use some wording of rituals that would be used to cast demons back to Hell's gates to give it more of a real feeling for the reader.
Ø  If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn, and why?
·  How long the demons’ names were and what their part was in the dark lord's army.
3)   Do you relate to your character?
Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you personally?
·  Yes, in some ways.
Ø  If yes, then how?
·  I think most authors can relate to the characters in their stories. Let’s face it, we create them in our minds, and we often look at our characters and the situation there in, saying, "What would I do if I was you?"
·  In McCray's position, well, I think all of us would do what was necessary to protect those close to us.
Ø  What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?
·  I wanted to create a moral character who was strong with his faith but had such love for his townspeople that he was willing to sacrifice himself to ensure they were safe. This character had to be strong enough to stand up to Lucifer even though Lucifer owned his soul as he fulfilled his contract with him.
4)     Is there anything you, specific, want readers to know about this piece of work?
Even though this story is pure fiction, I had fun creating the personalities of the characters. I especially had fun creating a humorous side to Lucifer as Father McCray tested his patience.
5)     When will the novel be available for purchase?
Evil Rides With The Wind 1 & 2 are available on Amazon as we speak.  
Ø  If yes, do you have a link available for buying it? 
·   Available now on Amazon
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