Tuesday, July 17, 2018


A YA /NA Psychological Thriller for 99¢
written by J.M. Northup

A PRISONER WITHIN is on SALE for only 99¢
from July 16th until July 23rd, 2018
through Kindle Countdown Deals 

How far would you go to defend yourself… from your own mother?
Tiffany is a seventeen-year-old girl caught in a battle for existence. As she tries to claim rights to her own life and mind, her abusive mother struggles to maintain control.
Pouring her hatred for the world onto her daughter, Tiffany suffers under her mother’s guise of concern as her mother convinces everyone that Tiffany’s wounds are self-inflicted. Fighting to prove she’s not mentally unstable and seeking escape from her mother’s tyranny, Tiffany must make the ultimate choice as to who lives and who dies.
But how far is she willing to go, and is redemption worth the price of her soul?
Though this book is considered Young Adult (because of the age of the main protagonist), it has mature content, which includes rape, as well as other physical, emotional, and mental abuse. It is not suitable for those under the age of 16.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Women's Contemporary Fiction At Its BEST!

Chasing Caitlyn by Marnie Cate

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What makes a vengeful woman?
Add the following ingredients:
Dead Father
Monstrous Prince Charming
Trail of Tears
Deceitful husband
Stew over hot flames and watch the pot boil over!
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and Caitlyn’s cheating husband deserves the most frigid imaginable. Suddenly, a surprise element effects the recipe, and Caitlyn is forced to make a choice. Which is more important – the vengeance she plans to serve or the healing she craves?

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Are You Looking To Get Your Book Published?

Woven Words Publishers is an India-based publishing company.  They are open for submissions in all genres.  If you are interest in the services they provide (i.e. editing, cover art, formatting, or publishing), contact them today!

PHONE: +91-7001667002 EMAIL: wovenwordspublishers@gmail.com or info@wovenwordspublishers.in

Friday, July 13, 2018

My Book Review of REMEMBER by Marnie Cate

Remember (A Protectors of the Elemental Magic Novel Book 1)Remember by Marnie Cate
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


REMEMBER not only setup the worlds involved in this amazing story, but it drew me into the lives of characters I fell in love with...even the ones I hated!
This tale is magical and symbolic in ways that honor elemental beliefs and family sagas alike. While giving you a glimpse into the human psyche and how personal choice (or the lack thereof) can impact generations and community, you are given tantalizing tidbits of the unseen world of fae, gods, and goddesses. Beautifully described and masterfully executed, Marnie Cate delivers an emotional story with twists and turns. I have no doubt you will be sucked into this series, just as I have been, by the story of loss, love, family, betrayal, and elemental magic.
The more I read the works of Marnie Cate, the bigger fan I become.
The more I read in this series, the more affected I am by it. I cannot get enough and I am looking forward to book two...three...four...etc!
This is book one in a magical series about fickle gods and goddesses and the families who's lives they affect. Each book can be read as a standalone novel, but together, they create a rich and satisfying book series.

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REMEMBER is Available Now!

Book One in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic Series
written by Marnie Cate

The memories were restored
Mara Stone always felt incomplete, as though something inside her was missing. Raised by a loving and doting grandmother, and in love with the blue-eyed boy of her dreams, Mara couldn’t pinpoint what was lacking.
Hiding the truth from you is no longer protecting you. Sit and I will tell you what you need to know.
With these words, the secrets of her great-grandmother, Genevieve Silver, were unburied, and her role as a Protector of the Elemental Magic was revealed. Unseen worlds exposed and memories restored, Mara sheds her ignorance to face things both fantastical and frightening.
Little did Mara realize the secrets would transform her life and the world she lived in forever!
However, together, they create a rich and enchanting world.
Norns Triad Publications is in the process of relaunching this series.
The previously published titles are being overhauled with professional covers, editing, and formatting.  In addition, new titles are being included into the series.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

W. Michael Gear Featured in Star Tribute May 2 2018

 Michael Gear
Front page of the Star Tribute, Casper, Wyoming news paper

One of my favorite authors, W. Michael Gear,
was recently features in the Casper Star Tribune for his novel,