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My Book Review of THE LORANTH

The Loranth (Star Sojourner, #1)The Loranth by Jean Kilczer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Fascinating View of Alien Lifeforms

My favorite part of this book is the refreshing view of intelligent alien life. I thought the author's take on the concepts of interplanetary development was genius. She asked thoughtful questions and made me consider them as deeply as her protagonist did.
I struggled with a lot of the characters because there really wasn't one that I felt connected too. Each was vital to the story and were great representatives of their respective outlooks on life, but none really spoke to me on a personal level. Jack probably came the closest to a kindred spirit, but Morth and Gretchen were probably my favorite characters...
I was both intrigued and horrified by the "master" concept. Understanding history, I felt the victor was accurate and truthful - many primitive people mistake advanced peoples for gods. It was just very uncomfortable for me and the character Christine just seemed all the heinous because of her choices. I found I loathed her as much as I did the antagonist, Kor.
Overall, this is a really good read and I'd recommend it for scifi readers. It has mystery, adventure, suspense, violence, and love... It isn't a "light" read, but it is a fascinating one!

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Book Review for SAVING SAM!!

Theresa's Reviews > Saving Sam

Nov 12, 2017
really liked it

#5 top reviewers (USA) and #8 top reviewers (Globally)

Julie Northup has looked into the major basic problem with war and coming home. Sam joined the military in a patriotic pride. His hometown celebrity and easy life style had given him many admirable traits. Sam has seen great tests of his strength in life and in war. He is not ready for the biggest test in his life, coming home. Amy’s life was not easy until her mum brought her to Sam’s father’s ranch. Where she found the home she always wanted. Amy has loved Sam all her life, she has given him more than anyone else free reign of her life. His return will be not only his greatest challenge, but Amy’s as well. They need to learn how to deal with their own past, and how they view themselves, and those they love the most. This book opens the eyes to those who doubt the problems in war especially the personal cost of war. Great job Julie, and I can understand where both of these characters are coming from. Thank you for sharing this story of love, triumph and understanding. 

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Jan 29, 2018

#5 top reviewers (USA) and #8 top reviewers (Globally)

it was amazing

Justifying Jack is the second story in the Wounded warrior series, is the story of love, survival and justifying how you continue after a great loss. The book centers on the leader of the small platoon that has lost two members in battle. Jack was injured in the fire fight that took his fellow soldiers and after a lengthy recovery has returned home. Jack is pursued by the ghost of his own making. Some from the injury some from the responsibility that he feels toward his brothers in arms. Jack has many personal struggles but he finds through helping others his greatest strengths.
Marie Teresa is the widow of Jorge, one of the soldiers lost in battle. Jack reaches out o his family to help support this widow. She is forced to move from base housing and its Jack’s family that not only finds her work, and a place for her children, but a family that she can be supported by.
The story shows the resilience of the human soul, and the ties that bind. With a remarkably sweet romance in the core of the story. Thank you Julie for sharing this all too realistic story and allowing others to know that the struggles of war not only face the soldiers but the family at home. 

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TALLY Book Review

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TALLY by J.M. Northup

's review
Jan 24, 2018

it was amazing
I have read and reviewed a number of books by J.M. Northup. Having read her stories before did not prepare me for this wonderful book. The story involves a number of characters, but the main three are Tally, Lex and Ishkode, or Kode. These three characters are fleshed out in the sense of you, the reader, knowing their emotions, their feelings, their desires, their fears, their ability to resolve difficulties in a non-judgmental way, and their involvement with each other in a romantic threesome. I will not tell you more of the story because to do so would spoil your read. Suffice it to say this is fast paced reading at the best. The story is modern, it is set in a locale which enhances its modernity, it is developed in a way which speaks of much research into its topic. You will have to read it to get more. But what you should do is get this book and read it as fast as you can, then go back and read it again. It is well worth the time and the effort, as well as very well worth the money

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5-Star Review of TALLY

Theresa's Reviews

TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance

TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance

's review
Jan 01, 2018

it was amazing

A short and sweet story showing the changing culture that is happening in America the LBGT community is gaining acceptance. The changing dynamics of the law throughout the land is affecting our interpretation of the legal ramifications of polyamorous relationships. It is the reliance on the law keeps people from accepting these changes. This book shows not only the legal changes that will accept polyamorous relationships but allow a realignment of our perception of family.
Tally is a strong female character that finds that her attempts to have a family has been prohibited by her inability to accept the love that is already in her life. Her best friend is the closest human to her in the world. Yet she has found endless problems in finding true love and creating the family she has always wanted. It is accepting reality that changes her life for the better.
This book in one of those first steps in understanding the change in america and how looking at love with an open mind may change your acceptance of life. 

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