Thursday, May 12, 2016

Automatic eBook Updates from Amazon

Everything You Need To Know!

As an author, it is important to me to provide the best product possible to my readers.
In order to accomplish this goal,
I will edit manuscripts to correct typos or grammar errors,
as well as address plot holes or concerns I previously missed.
What does this mean for my readers?
Well, if you have purchased the digital copy,
also known as the eBook version, then you can get the update FREE!
How do I get my update?
Unfortunately, I learned today that you will have to
contact Amazon directly
to get them to push the updated book to your device.  
Things to know:
Even though the default is for automatic updates to be ON, you will only receive them IF there was a quality issue.
You can turn on automatic updates for your books from the Manage Your Content and Devices page. The previous version of your book will be automatically replaced by the updated version.
Before you enable the Automatic Book Update feature, make sure Whispersync for Books is turned on for your device or supported Kindle reading app to sync your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and furthest page read. Whispersync for Books is enabled automatically on Fire tablets and can't be turned off.
To enable Automatic Book Updates: 1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices ( ). 2. Select the Settings tab. 3. Select "On" under Automatic Book Update.

If there was a quality issue,  you can even manually update your book by going to "Manage Your Content and Devices" or by clicking on this link when you're on the computer:
This will open your content library and you can search for the item you want.  When you locate it, you select it by clicking next to it and then you can determine what options you have by clicking on the ACTIONS drop down list.
In general you will have the following options under ACTIONS:
Order Details
Downloa.d & transfer via USB
Clear furthest page read...
Read Now
Loan this title
You will not be able to UPDATE manually unless there was an integrity issue that caused a quality error.
AMAZON REP:Nope, this one doesn't have an update button since there isn't any quality issues. As I've checked, when there's no update button from Manage your content and devices, the customer must contact us back if they want to receive the updated version.
How will I know there's an update?
I am not sure how other authors handle it, but I will alert my readers to updates through my social media pages.

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