Thursday, July 17, 2014

Creativia Authors

Meet Creativia's Authors

Creativia is an independent publishing house in Finland.
It was founded by Miika Hannila in 2012
and it already has more than 49 titles in all genres
written by bestselling authors!
Creativia is the home of
authors from all over the world!

Some of the amazing authors include:
Award-wining British author and Thunderball Films screenwriter/co-producer, BRIAN L. PORTER
Actor and bestselling American author, DOUG LAMOREUX
Bestselling British author and blogger, CAROLE GILL
Bestselling author and Thunderball Films Historical Research Director/Associate Producer, MIKE COVELL

Creativia has an incredible list of talented and successful writers!
Please be sure to show your love to these hardworking writers.
Please take the time to go down the list and
LIKE all the Amazon author pages.
In today's competitive literary world, it's vital that the readers get actively involved.  Your simply LIKE, RATE, REVIEW, or SHARE can make a bigger difference than you know.  It all works towards the overall author rankings and can bring a writer from obscurity to acclaimed status!
If you single-right click on the link, you can then single-left click to "OPEN IN A NEW TAB."
This will allow you to go down the list without interruption and launch each page for you to like.
Thank you for your support!

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