Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Release Available - BLOOD FEVER

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Compelling paranormal romance from Simone Beaudelaire, author of Watching Over The Watcher.

It is the spring of 1945 and the War in Europe is ending, but the sultry nights of New Orleans’s French Quarter conceal a danger even greater to the future of humanity. Standing alone against this ancient, bloodthirsty evil, scientist Philippe Dumont races against time to cure a disease that resembles yellow fever… but is not.

Budding researcher Daphne Delaney joins Philippe in hopes of preventing an undead despot from launching his own quest for global dominance. Daunting though the task may seem, neither Daphne nor Philippe can grasp the scope of the danger they face, nor of the passion they will find in each other.

From urban New Orleans to the depths of the bayou, Philippe must chase the monster who terrorized his youth to save the woman he loves. But the Vampire King will not rest until both lovers belong to him… for all eternity.

My Book Review of FLY BY NIGHT!

Fly by Night (Criminal Elements, #2)Fly by Night by Cris and Clare Meyers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Into the Mind of Rook: a smart-mouthed criminal techie!
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
The story and characters we were introduced to in book one of the series, PLAYING WITH FIRE, are brought back to us in this fun read. However, this time, we are seeing life through Rook, which is fascinating. You get to see events and characters from book one in a whole new perspective, and Rooks personal dialogue is humorous.
This novel ticks all the boxes you'd expect for an urban fantasy crime story. There's plenty of action, double-crossing, and murder, as well as, entertaining conversations and relationship complexities. There are still some unanswered questions about certain relationships, but I'm okay with that since I know there's going to be at least another book in the series! And, no, it doesn't diminish the storyline in any way. It sort of added to the plot for me.
I have to say that, of all the characters, my favorite is Grace. She really resonated with me. Perhaps because she is a shapeshifter with her 'were' animal being a cat (*snort* - I am so a cat lady), but mainly because she is talented, intelligent, strong, and compassionate. I liked Renee because she was not only fascinating but she had a strength most people couldn't muster. I like Medium because he was so innocent, even when he wasn't. Rook and Stone I liked equally. Their discord not only added to the story for me, but I enjoyed seeing how they were actually cut from the mold, though in different ways. Meaning, one is neither better nor worse than the other - just shaped to react differently by circumstances of their lives - though, to me, they're different aspects of the same guy in many ways.
I definitely recommend this book. It has some curve balls you will certainly miss until they're revealed and it will keep your interest. It was a really fun book to read and I am looking forward to continuing the series! Well done!

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