Tuesday, January 19, 2016



All of us are blessed equally with life, no one is given a bit more or less; what sets a life apart from the other is not the magnitude of it but the direction. The story is based on the concept of following the sexual desires and later conquering them. The male lead is a teen; born in a Bengali Muslim family is sent to another province for studies where he falls in an addiction to practice physical love with his aunt. She is in marriage and has three kids but her hunger to have a younger body in bed with her grows every day. Teen age sex is something that cannot be forsaken easily; the body favors the emotion so much that if one tires the other puts it to a high spirit. So is the situation with Alam. If His days are filled with him playing her, the nights are occupied with her aunt toying him, unless one day the husband discovers about the relationship of his wife and his nephew. Will the true love of Alam’s life forgive him for such an unethical act? Only Alam could answer this questions with a sound uninfluenced mind but before he could do so, he finds out that he was a mere bait that the prey was someone else, the women left the boy toy for someone she is actually after and that puts the husband and him on the same plane. Why did the aunt want to give life to the illegitimate child? Is she ready to face the world after committing an act of adultery? The second half of the book tells the story after few years where finally Alam meets the love of his life, Lucy, a girl who loved him from his school times. 

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