Friday, March 13, 2015

99¢ Creativia eBooks as of March 14th, 2015!

Creativia Books On Sale
Through Kindle Countdown Deals

If you are interested in one of the books listed, simply click on the US or UK below the book image in order to be redirected to the appropriate Amazon page for purchase!

March 8th - 14th
US or UK       US or UK        US or UK
US or UK        US or UK

March 9th - 15th
US or UK

March 10th - 16th
US or UK

March 11th - 17th
US or UK        US or UK

March 12th - 18th
US or UK         US or UK

March 13th - 19th
US or UK

March 14th - 20th
US or UK

US or UK


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